Thursday, October 21, 2010

RepG and the 5D firmware play nice

so I loaded up the Joaz fork of the 5D firmware I have been using on my repstrap and loaded up the latest commits of Erik's RepG changes to get it working with 5D.  I got it working and was able to control axis motion with RepG.  Thinking back, I think the tonokip firmware might have worked last night too if I had pushed the reset button like you have to do on machine connect.  The serial communications kept saying 'serial line non-responsive' or something to that effect.  The problem I found was that when you connect repg to the machine, it expects some text back from the machine.  I had the firmware booted and it was happily waiting there for gcodes.  It took me a few minutes of reloading the firmware and restarting repg and changing and checking serial baud rates before one time it said connected and the bar went green.  I clicked the reset machine button in repg and it could not reconnect.  digging through the source code for repg, I traced down the error message and determined that repg was waiting 10 seconds for some activity on the serial line.  So I shut stuff down, restarted repg, clicked the connect button, then hit the reset button on my mega and it connected right up.  I tried this a few times, and it worked every time.  Finally figured out the problem!  Then I go looking through the wiki wondering why I didn't remember this step and there it is all written out about having to hit the mobo reset button when you connect since repg v3.  Reminder to self: read the fucking manuals.  Next step is to see if the tonokip will work with repg too.

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