Tuesday, August 24, 2010

belting up

So while waiting for the components for my stepper boards to arrive, I was digging around amazon and found some pulleys and belts that I could use to switch my wolstrap based repstrap from 1/4-20 leadscrews to belts.

Here are the pulleys I bought: Timing Belt Pulley Nylon Glass Filled, Double Flange, 1/5

and here are the belts:Timing Belt Fiberglass Reinforced Neoprene, One-Sided, 1/4

The belts were on sale for $0.57 so it was hard to pass the deal up.  Regular price was $7 something.  The belts are 30" loop.  so it is enough to provide the 12" motion for my X axis as the continuous loop.  For the Y axis I'm going to mount the stepper to the platform and use a S routing of the belt to provide motion since I have around 20" of motion in that direction.

I also bought some skate bearings from amazon to use for the idlers for the belt.  These Skate Bearings are the ones I bought.  Although I'm sure any 608 bearing would work fine.  Or any size really, but the skate bearings seemed the cheapest.  Looks like Makerbot has them for $5 which is less than half what I paid.  I have a prime shipping account with amazon for our other household ordering, so no shipping fees, but any bearings work fine.  I'm using 5/8" bolts and fender washers to do up the idler bearings for the X axis.

I'll post up some pictures this evening of my belt setup.  I'll also try to add some details to the wolfstrap page on the reprap wiki.

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