Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finally some pics

Here are a bunch of pics of my machine and the progress I've made over the last few weeks/months.

Here's a shot of my electronics setup at the moment.  You can see the yellow shield board that used to hold the carriers.  You can see the blue screw terminals that used to hold the stepper controllers when I first started.  The green boards on the right were my first stepper carrier board version.  The board in the lower left corner connected with the large rainbow cable is my new 4 axis controller that I am testing.

Here's a pic of my heated build platform.  it is an electric skillet.  It is nice because it has it's own temp regulator.  I set the dial by checking the temp with an IR thermometer.  It holds the temp very stable.

And here's a pic of my brutstruder with the geared stepper.

And here's a pic of all the pololus and the LEDs going all flashy flashy

That's all for now.


  1. What kind of drive gear are you using in that extruder? I think I have the same motor (with the 5.18:1 gearbox, that looks more like the 26.8:1), and I'm looking for a drive gear to fit the 8mm shaft.

  2. I have the 26.8:1 gear motor. I am using a mk5 drive gear that I drilled out to 8mm. I centered the gear in a vise with a 5mm drill bit in the drillpress, then I switched out the 5mm bit for an 8mm bit and drilled it out while spraying it down with wd40 as coolant. It is a hair off center, but the springs help to compensate for that in the brutstruder. I'm sure a lathe would be the correct tool to do the machining, but I used what I had available.

  3. Oh, and after I drilled it out, the grub screw stuck out about 2mm. I had to grind that down so it wouldn't catch the extruder frame as the gear turned. It's hard to get the grub screw on and off now because of how much I ground away. almost nothing for the allen wrench to grab. I think the long term solution is to replace it with a correctly sized screw when I place my next mcmaster order.

  4. That's what I figured. Too bad I don't have a lathe or a drill press (though I've been giving serious thought to springing for one). Yeah, the grub screw would be an issue with that. I would have ground down the other end, though, so that it wouldn't interfere with the allen wrench. Either that of cut a slot with a dremel to use a flathead screwdriver instead of the allen wrench.

  5. if you have a mk5 you want drilled out and don't have anyone nearby to do it, email me and you can drop it in an envelope and send it to me and I'll drill it out for you if you want. (I live in the US, DC-metro area) I'm going to order a box of 3mm set screws in 4mm length. it's $4.60/box(100) so if you do go this route, let me know and I'll drop a few of the setscrews in the mail for you.