Saturday, September 11, 2010

Belts in for x and y axis

So I just finished putting the belts in for the x and y.  the x is a simple continous loop with a clamp tied to the belt that connects to the x sled.  The Y is in an S-configuration.  Here's a pic

and here's a close up of the stepper and the way the belt goes through.

The metal frame that the stepper and idler pulley is attached to is a piece of metal angle used for joist or rafter support, I think.  It was $0.89 each at the hardware store.  I had to bore out the holes for the center shaft, and add in mounting holes for the stepper, but it was an easy way to mount the stepper 90 degrees.

The x and y moved when sent commands via repsnapper.  I still have to adjust my firmware to dial in the correct number of steps per mm and such, but I'll do all of the axis at one time.  I need to finish my counterweight on my z head, then it will be driven with a belt too.  I'm working on a stepper driven extruder to get me though testing and printing out a wades extruder to replace it.  I think I'm going to make a printstrucer with mdf, kind of like the aluminum one that is in thingiverse.  I bought a mk4 printstruder from MBI, but I've got my own RAMPS shield going and don't have a dc motor controller on it, just a bunch of pololu stepper controllers.  So I'm trying to make it work.  using the hot end, and may try to fit a stepper in the mk4, but we'll see.

Here's a pic of my electronics

It's a big hairy mess of jumper wires on the mega shield.  I moved the pololu boards off onto my pololu carrier boards and put headers on the shield.  It cost more, but I think it'll be a cleaner look.  I've got the pololu connectors still on the shield, so I could go back to that, but I was afraid that my jumper wires wouldn't be able to carry the current. (I'm using telco cross connect wires, I work in IT and I've got a box full of random length spools that I've picked up over the years in telco closets and it rooms.  As things went voip, not much need to do ratsnest crossconnects on 66 blocks for voice lines in the office, so I got to keep the remnants of the cross connect wire from various jobs as I did the voip transition)


  1. hey i am always glad to see new people get started on this project, happy to see you. feel free to check out my blog some time.

    i am also very glad to see i am not the only one who is having to scavenge for parts too

  2. Yeah, I liked the wolfstrap, and had the rast in my shop already, so reusing what I had, and also was a square starting point to start the build on.